How to extend the lifetime value of your social video content
Social content creation requires significant investment, but it doesn't always guarantee results. As marketers, the time and budget we spend on social campaigns can be quickly offset by ever-changing algorithms and diminishing reach.A creator campaign that takes months to plan and execute might only live on consumers' social feeds for 24 hours. To extend the lifetime value of this content, why not repurpose and republish it on other more performant channels? Free your content from proprietary social apps.
So much of your brand content is locked in proprietary apps like TikTok and Instagram. But as a traffic channel, social under-performs when it comes to sales generation. Industry benchmarks continue to identify social media as the minority acquisition channel for most beauty marketers. (That's if you can even track performance or accurately attribute ROI.) By comparison, direct traffic to your brand site, organic Google search and Google CPC account for 71% of sales generated by beauty brands online. Instagram? Just 10%. Source
For marketers to fully leverage the value of their social content, it needs to be discoverable on the web - where the majority of your customers are actively shopping. Benefits of shoppable video content on the web. Repurposing content across multiple channels is nothing new to marketers. Extracting the maximum possible value from your campaigns is a must when budgets are tight.For content that makes an impact, short form video remains the most popular format to engage online shoppers, particularly when it comes to younger consumers. 61% of Gen Z and Millennials say they prefer to watch very short mobile videos of one minute or less, several times a day. But social media isn't the only place to showcase your video content. By establishing a permanent, branded destination for your videos outside of social apps, you can boost the reach and ROI of your investment.With a branded landing page to curate your shoppable video content, you can also achieve many of the marketing objectives that social media simply can't fulfil. For example:
  • Send paid ad traffic to engaging shoppable video content, instead of a static SKU page
  • Link to video reviews and tutorials from your ecommerce site for a more authentic shopping experience
  • Feature shoppable video links in your email newsletters and other customer communications
Transform your content into shoppable video with Zellor. Zellor is a shoppable video platform for beauty brands. Designed for marketing and social media managers, Zellor transforms your social content into shoppable video and makes it discoverable on the web. Zellor offers easy integration with Shopify for effortless order processing. In our innovative new app, you'll also have access to unparalleled insights on content performance and conversions. Simply tag the products featured in your content to deliver a seamless video-to-purchase experience for customers.Ready to get started? Get in touch to claim your branded Zellor page today or check out a sample Zellor page here.
TikTok for Ecommerce: How to Make Short-Form Video Shoppable
TikTok is now well established as one of the fastest growing social media platforms of all time, particularly when it comes to a Gen Z audience. Engagement rates and time spent on the app are astronomical, and short-form video has solidified its dominance as the content format of choice. Unfortunately, these shifts haven't translated quite as quickly into successful TikTok monetisation for brands and content creators. So, what can marketing and social media managers do to turn TikTok into a viable sales channel? The problem with shopping on TikTok.
There's no denying TikTok's growing influence on brand awareness and product discovery. The popularity of #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt shows the power the app has to turn products into viral sensations overnight. Everything from budget buys to luxury brands have flown off the shelves in response to breakout trends, tutorials and challenges. The issue arises in the transition from TikTok view to ecommerce checkout. At present, users can't tap links in video captions to take them to specific SKU pages. The result is a disjointed shopping experience and heightened risk of losing customer attention in the time it takes to leave TikTok, open a browser and track down the product in question. This buyer journey also makes it nearly impossible for brands to track and attribute sales to the original post or content creator.Unfortunately, TikTok shows no signs of solving this challenge for brands anytime soon. The app recently abandoned plans to roll out ecommerce features in Europe and the US after its livestream shopping initiative failed to gain traction. How to make TikTok content easier to shop.
TikTok offers the shortest content lifespan of all social media platforms, with posts subject to "instant decay" unless they quickly go viral. Considering the time and resources that go into creating quality short-form video, the potential for return on your investment is minimal. The key to long-term monetisation is to repurpose and republish this content outside of TikTok. By establishing a permanent web presence for your short-form videos, you can dramatically extend their reach and lifetime value, and better integrate your content with other digital campaigns. With a solution like Zellor, you can curate engaging video landing pages and drive paid ad traffic, in-store QR codes, newsletter links and more to your TikTok content on the web. What's more, Zellor transforms this content into seamlessly shoppable video - all you have to do is upload your content in the app and tag the products featured. Viewers simply tap to purchase on your ecommerce site. Zellor can also be used as part of your social media campaigns. Add a Zellor link to your brand bios and work with our network of Gen Z content creators to deliver a more effortless TikTok-to-checkout experience.Want to learn more? Contact us today to claim your brand Zellor link.