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Brand Content Has Diminishing Social Reach
Influencer and content creator campaigns command a growing share of your marketing budget.
Yet, most branded content disappears from consumers' social feeds within 24 hours.
Curating a TikTok and Instagram presence places significant demands on your resources, but the opportunity for monetisation is negligible.
Even with calculated investment, performance is difficult to track and proving ROI is near impossible.
Extend your Video Lifetime Value with Zellor
For brands, Zellor is a more sustainable, cost-effective approach to social video that maximises the return on your content investments.
Zellor repurposes and republishes your social content on branded web landing pages, and transforms it into shoppable video.
Customers enjoy a seamless tap-to-purchase shopping experience, and brands gain a sales channel with lasting reach and transparent tracking.
Make Your Video Content Discoverable on the Web
Online traffic from Google search, CPC and direct visits accounts for over 70% of ecommerce sales generated by beauty brands. Instagram? Just 10%.
Zellor means your content is discoverable on the web, where the majority of your customers are actively shopping.
With Zellor, you can:
Link to authentic video reviews and tutorials from your ecommerce site
Feature shoppable video links embeded on your website, in your email newsletters and customer communications
Direct digital ad traffic to engaging, interactive content, instead of a static SKU page
Curate video landing pages for campaign-specific content, such as Christmas gift guides
How Zellor Works
Simply upload your videos to the Zellor app and tag products in seconds:
Scan product barcodes, select products from the Zellor catalogue or manually input product SKUs
Zellor offers seamless integration with your ecommerce platform for effortless product tagging and order processing.
The Zellor app also offers unparalleled insights into content performance, engagement and conversions, so you can make data-backed campaign decisions.
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