Unlock long-term value from short form video
Convert social content to shoppable video and increase your brand's exposure online
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Zellor is a shoppable video platform for brands and creators who want to maximise their return on investment in their video content. The platform transforms social video content into shoppable video and makes it more discoverable online.
Create unique shoppable video experiences
In-video product tag display with seamless transition from video to product purchase
Brand Landing Page
Zellor is a single webpage containing a feed of shoppable video where the customer can watch videos and buy products by tapping product tags.
Sample Brand Landing page
See how your customers can view a video list and choose which one to watch.
Sample Brand Landing Page direct to video
Your customers instantly view full screen video directly from your web page or digital ad.
Creator 'Link in Bio' pages
Have your products promoted in top creators' 'Link in Bio' pages. Brands pay sales commission only when products have been purchased.
Zellor - Creator App
Easy video upload and product tagging
Adding content to your branded page is quick and easy with the Zellor app. Simply upload your videos and tag products in seconds...
Boost conversions with data-backed campaigns
Zellor delivers unparalleled insights into content performance, engagement and conversions, so you can make data-backed campaign decisions.
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